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Biomass Fuel

The Hadfield Group has been manufacturing quality, bespoke wood chip biomass for industrial boilers for almost a decade, securing a contract to supply fuel for the UK’s first wood-derived biomass boiler – Wilton 10 – in 2007.

Since then the biomass side of the business has gone from strength to strength, alongside the company’s core recycling arm. We now manufacture biomass fuel for many energy plants in the UK including MVV at Ridham Dock in Kent, Wilton 10 (Sembcorp) in Middlesbrough and Stevenscroft at Lockerbie. We also export fuel to plants in Sweden, Germany, Holland and Estonia.

Over the years we have developed a wealth of knowledge and collected a large database of testing results, all of which go towards providing our customers with the best fuel possible.

Biomass Spec

Our products

High speed processed product

This is a high speed processed chop. After going through a pre-shredding machine, any non wood contamination is removed before the chip is processed through a high-speed shredder to the required fraction size. The process also includes three over-band magnets for ferrous removal.

Fixed plant processed product

  • This material goes through a high-speed processor prior to the following:
    Non-ferrous & ferrous removal
  • Extensive further cleaning
  • Dust extraction if required
  • Oversize extraction if required

This product is the highest standard of fuel we produce and is currently used by many major energy companies.

Pre-crushed product

This product is processed by a pre-shredder which takes the material to between 300 and 500mm in length. An overhand magnet is then used to remove large pieces of ferrous before the material pass over a picking station for non-wood contamination removal.

“Hadfield Wood Recyclers supplies us with consistently high quality biomass product to the precise specification. We are glad to have them as a very reliable and cooperative partner.”

–  MVV Environment Ridham Ltd
Hadfield Wood Recyclers