Award-winning Hadfield Wood Recyclers has unveiled its support for the Manchester City of Trees charity by donating a tree for every person who attended a recent corporate dinner it sponsored.

The award-winning wood recycler, which has sites in Manchester, Middlesbrough and Essex, announced its support at the Chartered Institute of Waste Management Presidential Dinner in London by donating a tree for every person in the room – a total of £1,800.

Hadfield Wood Recyclers was founded in Manchester 37 years ago. It has a strong affinity to the city and wider local community, with its main processing site still being in Droylsden and servicing among other contracts, the Greater Manchester Household Waste Recycling Centres. The Hadfield Group recycled over 300,000 tonnes of waste wood last year through its three sites in Manchester, Middlesbrough and Essex, turning this waste stream into a variety of products including feedstock for panel board, biomass fuel and animal bedding.

Geoff Hadfield, Managing Director at Hadfield Wood Recyclers, said: “When we heard about the Manchester City of Trees project we were really  keen to give it some support. It’s a worthy cause, very close to our hearts and one which helps local people by improving the environment and restoring unmanaged woodland.”

Manchester City of Trees

Manchester City of Trees aims to re-invigorate Greater Manchester’s landscape by restoring underused, unloved woodland and planting a tree for every man, woman and child that lives in the city within a generation. That’s a total of three million trees.

The charity also aims to bring 2,000 hectares of unmanaged woodland back into use for the community, and to connect local residents to the trees and woods around them. To date the charity has planted 227,366 trees within Greater Manchester.

Hadfield Wood Recyclers will be working with Manchester City of Trees over the coming months to look at specific projects to support in the east of the city, near to its main site in Droyslden.


Hadfield Wood Recyclers