Ever wondered why our equine bedding easibed is so popular? Stunt woman & show jumper Georgina Armstrong tells all.

Georgina was the “equestrian” stunt double for Gal Gadot in this summer’s smash-hit superhero epic Wonder Woman. The film is the latest in a long list of box office hits Georgina has provided stunt doubles for. Others include Spiderman, Thor and even Black Beauty when she was a child.

Georgina is the latest high-profile equestrian to switch her horses to our equine bedding easibed, which she says helps her keep them fit and healthy.

“easibed makes my life so much easier,” said Georgina, “I’ve got 10 horses at the moment and I know as horses come and go on my yard I don’t need to worry about any dust allergies because easibed is dust free, plus it’s unpalatable so the horses won’t eat it.”

As well as working as a stunt woman, Georgina’s other passion is showjumping and she will be on the European circuit this year at CSI shows including the Liverpool International Horse Show between Christmas and New Year, where easibed is the bedding sponsor.

“I’m up and riding my horse before 5am every day before I go to work, so saving time is essential for me,” said Georgina. “easibed is so quick to muck out. I take the poo out every day and the wet every couple of weeks. easibed smells so good too!”

Georgina, who comes from a stunt family dynasty following in the footsteps of her father, mother and siblings, works with the team at Devil’s Horsemen to continually train the horses to live up to the mark of being a stunt horse.

“I have to get them used to smoke machines, loud noises, flashing lights and during filming there might be as many as 60 horses that we’re working with – so much for a horse to deal with,” she said.

“With easibed I know when I take the horses out of their stables they don’t have bedding stuck in their manes or tails and it doesn’t blow around and mess up the areas where we train at the yard.

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